The federal government wants to ensure cyber security help will be easy to find in Canada!!

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The federal government wants to ensure cyber security help will be easy to find in Canada!!

The federal government wants to ensure that Canadian businesses and individuals will have access to the right professionals to help them feel safe online. Under a newly drafted federal budget plan to improve cyber security, the hope is to keep a number of cyber security professionals from moving outside of the country. Within the past few years, a series of highly competitive jobs in the United States within this field has led to somewhat of a brain drain within the tech industry.

Newly allows plans for a cyber security Center that will be federally run will help to pull together some of the greatest experts from across Canada to deliver ongoing digital protection upgrades for government offices as well as a resource available for individuals and businesses across Canada.

The center will be created by a series of federal communications and security establishment experts. The overall goal of this new center will be to deliver a brand-new set of practical solutions for Canadians, a new outline cyber security strategy for Canadian websites as well as a series of publications that can highlight new online threats.

Through this upcoming resource a number of small to medium size businesses will be able to get access to guidance that they may need to face some of the latest incoming threats. The center itself and the strategy for upcoming cyber security improvements within Canada are outlined with funding that will be delivered from a $507 million budget outline over five years.

This hub for cyber security could be a huge assistance to 6/10 Canadian businesses that suggest they are not ready to deal with cyber security threats. With a greater focus on cyber security in Canada, this could be one of the best resources for trusted Internet protection initiatives across the country.

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